Benefits Of Timber Effect Window Frames

Benefits Of Timber Effect Window Frames

Replacing your timber frame window with uPVC or aluminium is a great way to improve the efficiency of your home, but in the past it came at a price as they didn’t look as pleasing on the eye and in character properties were a complete no-no, but all that’s changed.

Timber Effect Windows with the look & feel of traditional timber.

Things have moved on dramatically in the past few years and you can get new timber effect windows at a fraction of the cost of real wood and with the additional benefit of great thermal efficiency as well.

Made of uPVC and coated in a range of pleasing woodgrain finishes, our timber effect frames look great and are a convincing alternative to timber that is much easier to maintain.

Timber effect frames are available in a variety of finishes, known as foils, including Rosewood and Golden Oak, there is bound to be a finish that will compliment your home to give it a stunning makeover.

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