Condensation on your windows – what could it mean?

As Autumn rears its head again, it’s the time of year when condensation appears on your windows again. But what does it mean? Well its usually nothing to worry about, but depending on where on your windows you find the condensation there may be some action you need to take. Find out more below:

CondensationCondensation 2

Condensation on the outside of your windows

This is the sort of condensation you don’t have to worry too much about (if at all). It means that your window are doing their job and there isn’t much heat escaping through them. This is because the outside pane is cooler than the air.

Condensation on the inside of your windows

This happens when there is too much moisture or humidity in your house and most often occurs in the bathroom (unsurprisingly). You should take some action, such as use dehumidifiers or something as simple as opening a fan window, as this moisture can lead to mould, such as the unsightly black mould you may have seen in some older properties.

All in all its something to try and stay on top of.

Condensation between the panes of your windows

This is the worst kind of condensation and means that more than likely you have faulty double or triple glazing. Moisture is getting in-between the pains through a gap in the seal somewhere.

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