Conservatory Spring Clean

Spring is in the air across Herts and Essex! Spring

So now Winter is packing its bags and heading off for a well earned break, its now time to turn your conservatory back into the lovely, relaxing space you really want it to be (might be time to take the Christmas tree and decorations up to the loft now, you know who you are!)

Now we’ve got the birds singing and the brighter mornings and evenings back, its time to get yourself kitted out with everything you need to give your conservatory a bit of TLC. First up, grab the windowlene, a duster, the mop and bucket, drag the vacuum cleaner in and start using some elbow grease to get it sparkling again.

For the framework of your conservatory we recommend some warm soapy water and a sturdy sponge to get all the grime that may have built up over the winter, then get the gutters cleared of debris and leaves, be careful if its high up, use a good quality ladder with a spotter to help. For the top panes get a telescopic brush if you can, the last thing you want to be doing is falling through the top of your conservatory! Use a good quality window cleaning product that won’t leave smears of course.

Modern conservatory in Hertford

When all is done and dusted (quite literally) you can sit back, pick up a book and soak up the warm spring weather and be a little bit smug that you’ve got the cleanest connie on the street! Don’t get too comfortable though, the grass needs cutting…sorry.