Transform your property with a new modern conservatory

Open Plan conservatoryAdvancements in insulation and double glazing now make a new modern conservatory a multipurpose addition to any home. With simplistic, clean designs, that can be adapted to suit a wide variety of properties, contemporary conservatories have the power to transform your property, not just by creating additional living space, but also by providing a source of natural light and the benefits of being close to nature.

Your answer to more space

Essentially, adding a conservatory to your property means creating an extra room in your home. Have you always wanted an open-plan kitchen? Or, have you wanted to add additional seating to your living room? The modern “Lean-To” conservatory makes this possible in even smaller homes like cottages and bungalows. Its simple rectangular shape and single roof pitch make this conservatory style a spacious addition that lends itself to use as a home office, kitchen or diner extension.

For bigger properties, the “P-shape” or combination conservatory, combines features of the Victorian/Edwardian conservatory with the style of the contemporary Lean-To, to create a conservatory that extends in different directions, providing the space of two additional rooms. This makes it possible to assign two different purposes to your conservatory. Some homeowners use the entire thing as an office, while others have been known, for instance, to divide the space into a diner and playroom for children.

A room for relaxation

The range of designs, shapes, and potential finishes of the modern conservatory make it easy to create an oasis of calm and relaxation in your home. The generous use of glass lets in a lot of natural light, and built to overlook your back garden, your conservatory gives you access to both the sky and your garden’s greenery. Natural light will boost your levels of Vitamin D and has been proven to improve your mood. Finishing the space with soft, natural colours and contrasting wooden floors, for instance, can enhance a feeling of relaxation. You could consider furnishing your conservatory, with comfortable sofas or lounge chairs, some scented candles and a small coffee table for those times you get to relax with a cup of tea and your favourite book or magazine.

A great place to entertain

Gone are the days, when a conservatory was only used in the summer months. Double glazing, heated flooring and/or a well-insulated conservatory roof, means that your conservatory can be used all year round and can become the perfect place to entertain friends. By providing access to your garden, your conservatory can also make bar-be-cues into both an indoor and outdoor affair, providing indoor seating and dining, as well as, space for board games. Accenting with vases of flowers and finishing the room with pastel shades and earth-coloured tiles, can add rustic charm and give your conservatory an all-year-round summer effect.

What could you do with extra space?

The contemporary conservatory has become the possibility of many things to homeowners. Depending on the design and colours you choose, you could use your conservatory for anything from a gym, a greenhouse, to a comfortable breakfast room for starting the day with your family.