Why Get your Windows Replaced?

Replacement windows on homeWith ever increasing heating bills, one of the primary reasons for replacing existing windows, is to help improve energy efficiency. Other typical reasons are to improve the security of your home. This means fitting stronger windows with locks. Perhaps you wish to improve the aesthetics of your house, thus increasing the value of your property.

When to get your Windows Replaced

Spring/summer is often seen as the best time of year to consider having your windows replaced. With the milder climate, there is the possibility of less disruption through the inclement of weather. This time of year can be a busy time for window installers, and the waiting time for an appointment can be long. Because of this, it is worth considering having your windows installed in the fall, or winter. Although the temperature will be cooler, most professional fitters will do their best to reduce heat loss while fitting. Not only will your waiting time be shorter, but you may even get a discount.

The Best Replacement Windows

You have many options when it comes to choosing the type of replacement windows. Which one you choose will depend on various factors, not least the cost.

Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) – UPVC windows look modern. They are secure and stylish, and usually the most economical choice. Other benefits are the reduction in noise pollution. These excellent energy efficient frames are also low maintenance and will not rot.

– For many, wood may be their first choice. It looks natural. If constructed by wood from sustainable forests, it is more environmentally friendly than UPVC. It is usually more expensive, and requires some maintenance but it does look good.

– Usually made with aluminum. This material is stronger than either wood or UPVC. Aluminum windows can be more expensive than their UPVC counterparts. They offer a lower profile, and a sleek stylish look. Like UPVC, aluminum windows are good in all types of weather. They do not swell and need little maintenance.

Types and Styles of Frames:

DOUBLE HUNG – Also known as sash windows. Come in two parts, a top and a bottom. They generally slide up and down, or tilt inwards. Come in various designs, such as colonial, diamonds, squares, flowers and more. You can choose from many colors, including a wood-look finish.

BAYS & BOWS – An attractive option. They look elegant with a three-dimensional shape. A Bay can give a sense of space, from the inside. A Bow is not quite as large in its three-dimensional shape, usually less angular than a Bay frame. Both types are energy efficient, and will help increase the value of your home.

SLIDERS (horizontal)
– These windows are extremely airtight, so economical on energy bills. They can come in many designs. Perhaps you prefer a whole clear window. Maybe you want a change with your window divided by smaller partitions, as in a Georgian design.

These are a few of options for replacement window frames. You will also need to choose the type of glass, if you prefer single, double or triples glazing. Any good window installer will help you make the right decisions here for your home requirements.