There are many different considerations to take into account when choosing a conservatory. Essex homeowners need to not only consider style and quality, but also what type of Conservatory on houseconservatory is best for the UK weather. These guidelines will help you along the way to making the right decision.

Why do you want a conservatory in Essex?

People have a conservatory built onto their home for many different reasons:

  • They may want an extra room to relax in or for the children to play in.
  • They may not have a separate dining room and a conservatory could serve that purpose.
  • They may want to be able to enjoy their garden view more even in winter and this is easily achieved with a conservatory. Essex weather doesn’t always allow for sitting in the garden, but a conservatory brings you that much closer to the outdoors.

What material for your conservatory in Essex?

You can choose from three different materials for your Essex conservatory: PVCu, hard wood or aluminium. The material you choose will depend on your personal taste and your budget, and to some extent it will also depend on the use to which you want to put it. PVCu is hard wearing and best for durability, hardwood is considered the most timeless and elegant and aluminium is the most practical.

What style for your conservatory Essex?

There are many different style conservatories to choose from for your conservatory in Essex. One favourite is the gable styled conservatory that projects outwards at the front. If your house is Victorian you may decide to have a Victorian styled conservatory, similarly an Edwardian conservatory may be more suited to an Edwardian style home. Try to ensure that whatever style you choose is in keeping with the style of the rest of your house, so that it blends in seamlessly.

Other considerations for a conservatory in Essex

You may need to get planning permission before you can have a conservatory, Essex companies will be able to tell you whether that is the case in your area. The other thing that you need to be clear about when you have a conservatory built is where you are going to place it. Try to avoid placing near a drainage pipe or over a drain as this will require extra work to shift the drainage away from the conservatory.
If you have a large back garden with a lot of plants and trees then you need to make sure that the conservatory is well away from any large trees as it could be disturbed by their roots in the future. If you want underfloor heating in your conservatory you will need to take that decision beforehand as it many be difficult to install at a later date.

Most people enjoy the extra sunlight that a conservatory lets into their home and sunlight is beneficial to your health. You can choose from a poly-carbonate roof for your conservatory, which is the cheaper option, or you may want to go for an argon gas filled easy clean glass roof.

Your conservatory could be built from energy saving toughened glass, which is good for safety and which will guard against heat loss. If you do want to use your conservatory as a dining room and would like a bit more privacy, then you might want to opt for textured glass. When you choose textured glass for your conservatory, Essex companies can offer you a range of patterns and different levels of obscuration – more privacy. The patterned glass is suitable for double glazing in your conservatory and it is available in toughened or laminated glass.

Whatever style and materials you choose for your conservatory in Essex will be down to your individual taste and needs, and you should get a full quotation for the work up front.

If you want to add a conservatory, Essex based Markwell can help you from design to installation.