One of the little thought of parts of your home exterior is the fascias. Essex homeowners often don’t realise that this seemingly insignificant part of your house can make the exterior of you home more appealing and give added protection to your home as well. As every homeowner knows while it is the large things that most people notice when looking at your home, it is the little things that can turn a nice looking home into a great looking home.

What are Fascias?

You may not know this part of your home’s exterior by name but the fascias is that trim on your home that caps the end of the rafters hiding those unsightly raw looking timbers Fascias on home in Essexfrom view.

  • Fascia boards can range anywhere from plain and simple to highly decorative depending on what style is right for your Essex home and your own personal taste.
  • When fitted properly these boards complete the look of your home and add to its beauty and style.
  • While most people rarely notice the fascias of your home they would certainly notice if these boards were missing or unattractive.

What are fascias for?

Fascia boards do more than add or detract from the attractiveness of your home. Several functional purposes are also served by fascias. Essex homeowners may not realise that they protect the ends of the rafters from weather damage, keeping these boards and therefore the basic structure of your roof in great shape. In addition, these boards help prevent birds and insects from making nests under the eaves of your roof and finding their way into your homes attic and eventually into your home proper where they can harm and create potential health problems for your family.

So while having fascias boards may seem like a minor detail they are important both to the form and function of the exterior of your home.

Maintenance of Fascias Essex

Unfortunately it can be time consuming and even somewhat dangerous to maintain your own fascias. Essex homes that have old fascia boards made from wood are likely to find that these boards will scraping and painting every couple of years. This can be a time consuming process. In addition, because scraping and painting these boards means standing on ladders and stretching and reaching, the chance of accidentals falls is always a concern.

Yet, proper maintenance is essential to keeping these boards not only looking good but in good shape so they themselves do not suffer damage, which could result in damage to your roofs rafters and the invasion of critters to the inside of your home. That is why many people are choosing to have those old fascias boards replaced by new fascias made from uPVC. uPVC never needs painting and is resistant to weather meaning that it will last eons longer than old wooden boards and require little maintenance, even in our rainy climate. Good news for Essex homeowners!

uPVC is a low price material so replacing those fascias boards won’t break the bank. If you are considering or need to have your fascia replaced choosing PVC for your fascias can save you time and money and keep your home looking great. It may just be the right choice for you, but if not there are other materials to choose from too. Whatever type you decide on, remember it is important to get a professional to replace your fascias. Essex and Hertfordshire homeowners can trust Markwell to do the job well.

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