There are several advantages to installing composite doors. Essex homeowners can take advantage of these, but do you even know what a composite door is?Composite door

The door to your home is one of the most noticed and more used parts of your house. It is the first thing that guests and potential buyers see and it allows entrance and exit for family members and friends several times a day. Doors often get thumped, bumped and even kicked throughout their life time and are expected to stand up to all kinds of weather. All this while providing protection for your home, its contents and you yourself. With so much depending on your door it makes sense to choose a door that is well made and sturdy. A composite door is the Hercules of doors.

What are composite doors?

A composite door is pretty much what it sounds like.

  • It is a door that is made up of a composite of various materials.
  • By using different materials and combining them all in one door you get the great characteristics of each different kind of material.
  • Composite doors are made up of basically three materials: Polyurethane foam, wood and a GRP laminate finish.
  • Each composite adds something to the doors function and style.

Structure of composite doors

As mentioned, there are 3 materials used in composite doors. Essex homes can benefit from the following:
The Polyurethane foam makes for a sound proof barrier that also helps to insulate the door and block cold and heat entering your home. It also makes the door more sturdy and durable than a hollow door and therefore helps to provide more security.

Outside the layer of Polyurethane is solid wood. The wood grain adds natural beauty to your door and also provides a second layer of sturdy protection for your door.

On top of the wood is a 2mm layer of GRP grained laminate finish. This finish adds a shiny gloss finish to your door that makes it attractive. This finish is impervious to all kinds of weather conditions and also makes the door less susceptible to certain kinds of damage, such as dents.

Styles and colours of composite doors in Essex

Because of the structure of composite doors, Essex homeowners can have them designed in just about any style or colour imaginable. You can choose from a solid door, one with a small window or a door with many windows and frosted glass if you so desire. You can get composite doors in the regular traditional rectangle shape and arched doors as well. Because the GRP coating helps prevent colours from fading due to sun, wind and rain you can get a bright red door today and it will still be bright red next year and the year after that, and the year after that, without the cost and hassle of repainting.

Maintenance of composite doors in Essex

The maintenance of these composite doors, even in rainy Essex, is incredibly easy. You simply need to wipe them off periodically with a damp cloth.You will never need to worry about the splitting, cracking and the need for repainting you have with wood doors.

Composite doors in Essex will retain their beauty and sturdiness not just for a year or two but for decades. Find out more about Markwell’s range of composite doors Essex.