Double glazed casement window
Just like there are many different types of property in Bishops Stortford there are also many different types of double glazing options. Even period type properties with traditional windows can benefit from double glazing – and they won’t stand out like a sore thumb, or cost the earth and they won’t look out of place. By choosing the right type of double glazing can help to enhance your property whilst also improving your comfort, reducing your energy bills and helping to make your property more environmentally friendly.

Casement Windows– are generally larger and are designed to let in plenty of natural daylight. They are hinged at one side (a bit like a door) and designed to open outwards. They are available in a variety of colours including darker frames to fit in with the character of any property.

Georgian Bar Windows– are an extremely versatile type of double glazed window which are specifically suited for use on older properties although Georgian bar windows can add a touch of class to just about any property. The secret when choosing this type of window is to ensure that the bars across the window are in perfect keeping with the actual window frames and the rest of the property.

Tilt and Turn Windows– this type of double glazed window is extremely popular, particularly with families as they can be tilted a small amount, enough for the circulation of the air without causing a danger for adventurous children who may be tempted to climb up onto the window sill. This type of double glazing is also an added security feature allowing air to be circulated without allowing unwanted guests into your home.

This is just a small example of the double glazing windows which are available from our showroom based in Bishops Stortford. Whatever type of property you have you can be sure that there will be some double glazing units which are perfectly in keeping with it. To find out more about how Markwell Glass can help with your Double Glazing, please do
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