If you have decided to replace your windows in Herts, then you will probably be amazed at the variety you have to choose from. Deciding on the frame material, type of glazing and style can be overwhelming, but this guide should give you a clearer idea of what will be best for your home.

What to consider when choosing windows in Herts

Some of the things to think about when choosing your windows are:

  • Energy efficiency – choosing energy efficient windows can save you money in the long run.
  • Style of your home – different windows suit different types of homes, modern or traditional.
  • Ease of maintenance – windows in Herts are subjected to extremes of weather and some types require more maintenance than others.

Choosing energy efficient windows in Herts

Our cold and rainy climate in winter makes it important to consider energy efficiency when choosing your windows in Herts. Double glazing will save you money on your heating bills and reduce noise too. While it may cost you more initially, chances are you will more than recoup your investment in energy savings.

If double glazing isn’t an option, e.g. because your property is listed, then consider secondary glazing. It also provides energy savings, noise insulation and draught proofing.

Choosing the right windows for your home

Windows in herts
The style of your home will also affect your choice of windows. Hertfordshire homes range from traditional to modern and it’s important to choose windows that complement yours. Luckily these days windows come in a huge variety of styles, materials and colours to suit pretty much any home.


Aluminium windows suit modern homes well, and also come in a large choice of colours to suit any scheme.

uPVC is versatile enough to cater for most styles of home and also comes in a choice of many different colours and styles.

Choosing low maintenance windows in Herts

New advances have made timber windows weather resistant and durable, however you will still have to maintain them regularly to get the best out of them, particularly in our Hertfordshire climate. Aluminium windows will require less maintenance and uPVC windows will require little more than a wipe with a wet cloth to keep them clean.

If you know you won’t have time for regular maintenance, but you still want your windows to look good, then uPVC windows are an excellent choice. They are extremely weather resistant, so your windows in Herts will keep on looking good for many, many years without anything more than a bit of cleaning on your part.

Whatever windows you choose for your home, Markwell’s will provide you with superior quality windows in Herts as well as excellent workmanship, all backed up by our 10 year guarantee.

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