When installing windows, Bishops Stortford and Hertfordshire homeowners need to know about the wide variety of window choices available. There are windows that feature frames made from PVCu or aluminium, and there are different types of window-opening operations available. Whether you decide on casement, sliding sash, tilt turn, or secondary glazing, in today’s window choices there are many attractive options that will enhance the appearance of your home, contribute to the energy efficiency and make it easier and more convenient for cleaning and maintaining your windows.

Installing windows for energy efficiency in Bishops Stortford and Hertfordshire

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When installing windows, Bishops Stortford and Hertfordshire residents can choose window options that protect against the many different seasons we have in the UK, provide energy efficiency, make homes more comfortable and help you save on energy bills. While there are many people that will choose casement windows as their first option, sliding windows are becoming a popular choice for many people too. uPVC windows generally provide the best energy efficiency, but aluminium frames are now being manufactured with a thermal break because the aluminium that conducts the heat and cold. As a result the newer designs of aluminum-framed window choices have better insulating value.

Choosing double glazing for your windows will also dramatically increase energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills. For those who cant install double glazing, secondary glazing will give you similar benefits.

Frame options for windows, Bishops Stortford

In addition to aluminium, there is more choice of frames available to you when choosing windows. Hertfordshire homeowners can choose windows that feature composite frames because they are more resistant to moisture and offer the same structural integrity and appearance that conventional wood frames offer. PVCu window frames come in a variety of colours and are UV ray resistant, keeping them looking good. In addition, they are maintenance free because they wipe clean and do not need to be painted.

While wood window frames used to be the windows of choice because they feature natural insulating value, they need to be painted and maintained. They are still a popular choice for those that are striving for a classic appearance to the exterior of their home though. Advances in technology have made timber frames far more weather resistant and durable than they used to be, and double glazing will further enhance the insulating benefits, good news for those installing windows in rainy Hertfordshire.

Finding the right window installers in Bishops Stortford

Another important consideration when having new windows installed is who you will choose to do the job. Take the following into account when deciding on the right company:

  • Are they local? When installing windows, Bishops Stortford companies will be more flexible as they don’t have far to travel to get to you.
  • Do they offer a guarantee? A company that offers good quality products and workmanship won’t be afraid to back it up with a guarantee.
  • Can they offer other services? If you need matching doors then it makes sense to use a company that offers those as well.

Whatever your choice of windows, Bishops Stortford based Markwell’s will be able to provide you with exceptional quality and service, all backed up by our 10 year guarantee.

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