Soffits and Fascias Hertfordshire are all essential products that help protect your roof and keep it watertight. These products have come a long way since the days of wood being the only option to use for this area. The trouble with wooden fascias and soffits was they needed regular maintenance to keep them weather proofed to protect the wood. Weather proofing protects the wood and stops any gaps being created that cause drafts to enter into buildings, plus it also stops any infestations of insects or birds through the gaps. These days you no longer have to spend your weekends sanding, priming and painting your faded and peeling fascias to keep them and your house protected as uPVC fascias and gutters are now available. You can either replace your existing fascias and soffits completely with uPVC fascia gutters or cover them over with this same product.

Guttering on houseThere are various thicknesses, styles and colours that fascia, soffits and guttering can come in, along with having a selection of colours. Traditional colour of white is still available but you can also choose between light oak, black ash, mahogany, rose wood, plain black and brown colourings. The options are now much more varied with you being able to select the best colour and style for the look of your home and not just have white as the only option.

With some houses the angles can be hard to get to, so finding fascias in Hertfordshire that can supply you with the right products for the contours of your house can make a big difference to not only the appearance but the finished look.

Guttering’s are susceptible to a build-up of organic debris especially over the autumn months when leaves are falling from trees. This is where having a leaf protection system covering the areas where this is most prone can prevent a build-up that could eventually lead to overflowing and a breakdown of the system that will create leaks or cracks in the guttering.

Regular cleaning is still required to keep your uPVC fascia, soffits and guttering looking clean and new but this is simply a matter of yearly or even less often giving them a wipe clean to remove any build up from the changes in weather. By regularly cleaning it will make the job easier and can potentially stop the dis-colouring of the uPVC.

Most fascias, soffits and guttering, today have a reasonable guarantee that will protect you the home owner. By giving a long guarantee it means the manufacturers are confident in their product and you can be assured you get the best possible life span, along with having that much needed protection should anything go wrong. If you want to revitalise your home and give it a facelift without breaking the bank balance, why not look in to replacing your old fascias, guttering and soffits with new ones. Simply replacing your old ones will add value to your property enabling a quick sale should you be looking. You will be amazed at the difference new fascias, guttering and soffits can make!