PVCU Casement windowIf you are looking for a company to supply and install windows in Essex then it can be quite tricky to decide who to turn to. The perceived view is of pushy salespeople trying to flog double glazing to people who don’t really want it. This has had a negative effect on the way that the industry is seen. This is why here at Markwell Glass we have worked exceptionally hard to create a good local reputation for ourselves, we are seen as credible, trustworthy and more importantly we do a professional job too.

Helping you decide which windows to have in Essex

We will take you through the whole process, whether you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, or you simply know that you want to change what you already have we can help. It may be you are building a new home or extending your existing one and are looking for windows that will match what you already have.

Whatever the scale of the project we can definitely help. We have a wide range of experience and have been operating in Essex for many years, we know the local market, we understand current trends and we also experience the weather here and so can advise on everything from design to which materials to use.

Different Types of windows for your Essex home

There are a few different terms you may have heard such as secondary glazing, double glazing, sash windows etc.. whether you know what they are or not, don’t worry. We can explain exactly what each type of window does, why we would recommend a particular type and the reasoning behind this. Sometimes it will be purely to ensure they fit in with the overall look of your home, other times is will be more important for you to help conserve energy and help reduce your heating bills.

So if you are in Essex and are looking for windows, whether it’s 1 or 100 then why not give us a call, we don’t do pushy sales we just do good honest advice and a fantastic job.

We also install windows in Hertfordshire too.