Markwell Glass offer a wide range of conservatories from their showroom in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire. Based on the Herts and Essex border Markwell have been supplying and installing windows, conservatories and doors throughout the area for many many years!

The conservatory is a traditional method of increasing the amount of space available in a house. They can also be a good choice in older homes, where smaller windows might restrict the amount of light coming into the lower rooms. Hertfordshire is home to a number of houses with sufficient space in the garden to be able to install a conservatory, and they can add a great deal to the appearance of a home.

Popular conservatories in Hertfordshire appear in two main styles, the Victorian and the Edwardian, and they can be either three-sided, with a protective layer of glass on the roof to prevent UV rays while still adding light, or five-sided, which provides much more space for the interior of the home, and is almost the same as adding a new room to the house.

When a conservatory in Hertfordshire is built, it was common for homeowners to use it immediately, and then only every 6 months, when the warmer weather heats up the room naturally. Traditionally, conservatories were not heated, but it is now possible to use a number of techniques to ensure that homes are warmed throughout the year. It is, for example, possible to use solar paneling with glass units fitted to the roof in order to heat up the room or to install electrics and gas radiators to provide other heating options.

The security of a conservatory is also essential. These open-glass rooms can provide an entry into homes unless the right installer is selected. Homeowners should consider toughened safety glass on the walls of the conservatory, and they should also have fully locking windows which will prevent intruders from getting into the conservatory in Hertfordshire.

These steps should allow homeowners to make the most of their conservatories in complete safety all year round. To find out more, please do get in touch today.