What purpose do fascias and soffits serve? Well-mounted soffits provide a ceiling under the exposed overhanging section of a house’s roof eaves that protect the structural wood from damage of rain, snow or other outdoor elements. The fascias cap the ends and span the frame to hold gutters that collect rainwater and send it to drainage holes and away from your home.

Styles have changed little over the past decades but the material used has been updated dramatically. PVC-type moulded pieces are now available that offer more durability and flexibility in creating a perfect fit when installed properly.

Preparing to fit fascias and soffits

  • A house is not perfectly square and aligning and securing fascias and soffits are not an easy task.
  • Many times rotted wood from overhangs, moulded tiles and even nests from creatures can be found in old soffits that were not installed properly or have deteriorated over the years.
  • Installers should remove all damaged areas as well as replace the end row of tiles to create a clean and dry surrounding.

Fitting fascias and soffits properly

Fascias and soffits
Ventilation is key in keeping your home’s roof dry and healthy. Fascias and soffits can provide appropriate airflow when vents are properly placed where needed. Further sealing the edges and any small cracks between the house and soffits will guarantee that pesky birds will not be able to pull away the edges to build a nest.

Strong winds and heavy snow can rip apart the most durable of soffits and fascias if they are not secured and bonded in critical areas. Only professionals have the experience to know where weakened areas may exist and secure accordingly. New fascias and soffits should last for many years and you’d be wise to make sure they are guaranteed.

Styles of fascias and soffits

Fascias and soffits come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to best show off the exterior of your home. Good proportions with a durable trim is what people passing by will notice. If sized inappropriately, the house can look less than professional and your money will be wasted. Perfect measurement is important to the appearance of your home’s exterior and you will never regret using seasoned installers.

Your new soffits and fascias are going to protect your house for many decades to come and using a reputable company like Markwell Ltd will provide satisfaction and detail in a perfect job. A representative can help you select the most appropriate colour, size and style for your home and we will ensure that your home will look great and be secured from weather and animals with the best fascias and soffits materials available on the market today.

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