Sash style window

Sash windows are very popular amongst period properties in Essex. Invented by the scientist, inventor and well known Englishman Robert Hooke these windows have been around for centuries. Over the years they have undergone some changes from the basic design and today come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. So, just what is a sash window and why are they so popular?

What is a Sash Window

Sash windows EssexSash windows are usually made in two or more parts, one or more of which is capable of either sliding horizontally or vertically.

  • The original sash windows were made from various small panes of glass or lights as they were called and held in place by small strips of wood and glazed.
  • They used counter weights that were built in to allow the windows to slide, but now sash windows Essex use springs for that purpose.
  • Originally, the sliding of these windows was accomplished by pulling on a cord or a slide.

The sash window was an improvement over the fixed window in most earlier homes as it not only served the same function as a fixed window (to allow light into the interior of the home before the invention of electricity), but they also allowed the homeowner to slide the window open and allow fresh air into the home.

Sash windows in Essex today

The design and purpose of sash windows was so unique and popular that they soon caught on all around the world and are still the most popular kind of window found in Essex homes today. As time passed the multiple panes of glass that were used in these windows were sometimes replaced by a single pane of glass in each part of the window, however there are still several styles of multiple paned glass sash windows to be found.

Choices for sash windows in Essex

Originally sash windows were custom made and could be virtually any size from extremely small short windows to long narrow windows to ones that were wider than they were long. As times changed and things became more standardised, so too did sash windows. Essex homeowners can still get custom made sash windows to fit any size window opening today though.

There have been other changes as well. Double paned windows appeared to help insulate homes from the cold and heat, some of these windows were designed to pop out of the frames for easy cleaning and the frames and parts of these windows that were once made of wood can now be found in materials such as vinyl and other more weatherproof and low maintenance materials.

While these windows may have changed slightly in looks and size, what hasn’t changed is their popular appeal and their functionality. These windows still enable you to light the interior of your home with natural light and allow those fresh springtime breezes to enter your home. Because they are so versatile and functional, they remain as popular today as they were when Robert Hooke first invented sash windows. Essex homeowners can enjoy the same benefits now as they always have.