Secondary Glazing in Bishops StortfordSecondary glazing is an option for those homes that have windows that cannot be fitted with double glazing either due to cost, style of window, any building regulation restrictions, the listing type of your building or you don’t want to damage the character of your home.

Sash windows themselves are an attractive design of window, but they are not the best windows to keep the warmth in during winter no matter how well they are made. With around 20% heating lost through your windows it pays to make sure windows are as insulated as possible.

Over time even a well-made sash window will show the effects of wear and tear, which can include warping from moisture build up, along with an accumulative impact from years of being sanded and re-painted, all this contributes to draughts developing and heat loss.

So what is secondary glazing?

Secondary Glazing Bishops Stortford and Hertfordshire is a cheaper option to keeping your home warm in winter and have noise reduction all year round. Secondary glazing is not the same as double glazing but it does use a similar principle which adds an extra layer of glass or plastic to your existing window frame. The main difference between the two is that unlike double glazing you do not have to replace the whole unit, so expense wise it is a much cheaper option.

Why choose secondary glazing?

If you want to improve the heat insulation of your home to make it more secure and greener because your windows are standard single glass, plus you want to get better sound proofing and reduce condensation build up but you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a lengthen secondary glazing is a good option for you.

Secondary Glazing Bishops Stortford is a good move forward for anyone who lives in or around this area especially if you have an older home where there are planning restrictions that don’t allow you to fit other glazing options or you have sash windows then secondary glazing is the best option for you.

No longer do you have to replace your windows, why not just renovate and refresh them, along with protecting the heritage and the environment at the same time!

Double and secondary glazing

If you still want extra sound proofing and you already have double glazing then did you know you can add secondary glazing over the top to give you even more noise reduction. Many people are using this option now where they live in areas that have high traffic, train or airplane noise. It gives you the extra sound proofing you need to enjoy a quite home life.

Help is at Hand

Secondary glazing is a fantastic, cheaper alternative to help you save energy over the colder months. If you need a company that has years of experience in secondary glazing Bishops Stortford and Hertfordshire area then look no further then Markwell Glass, they are more than happy to help you out with all your window needs and provide you with the right solution.